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Meet The Team

Meet our vibrant team of New Zealand’s leading fertility specialists, scientist, nurses and counsellors working together to produce excellent success rates.

Dr Guy Gudex founded Repromed Auckland in 2007 after 15 years as Medical Director at Fertility PLUS - formally New Zealand’s first publically funded clinic at National Women’s. His vision to provide high quality, personalized IVF treatment has been fully realised.


The Repromed team includes some of the longest serving doctors and scientists practicing IVF in the country, with their experience dating back to the early days of this technology in the 1980’s. Repromed has pride in the wealth of academic qualifications in the team with several holding academic positions at various universities. Three of its medical specialists are accredited with the top qualification in Assisted Reproduction (CREI) and are also responsible for developing Repromed as a training ground for other CREI doctors at the clinic.  The Laboratory team of Masters Level Embryologists, are led by two PhD scientists who have an extensive background in fertility research and clinical management. The rich experiences that many of our nursing and scientific staff have gained working in leading international clinics, add to Repromed’s ability to maintain state of the ART technology and best practice.  

We can’t claim to be the biggest clinic in New Zealand, but we think that’s a positive - especially for patients who are looking for a clinic where they can get one-on-one care with a team that goes the extra mile to make things happen as fast as possible!


Guy cropped sm-417
Dr Guy Gudex
Medical Director

Dr Guy Gudex is Medical Director at fertility clinic Repromed. Guy has been leading fertility treatment in New Zealand for more than 25 years and holds NZ’s highest medical qualification in fertility: CREI. He is a medical advisor to Endometriosis NZ, a member of the Northern Region Fertility Service Advisory Group, and a trustee on the Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board.

Dr Gudex’s special interests include Quality Management in ART, the laparoscopic treatment of endometrisis, hysteroscopic treatment of fertility related disorders and the use of antagonists in IVF.

I’m passionate about personalised fertility care and the need to individualise treatment. Fertility has developed significantly in the last 20 years and I’m proud that we provide world class technology to NZ and make a difference to so many lives.  My interests outside of medicine include farming, fishing and enjoying time with my family. 

Neil Johnson Doctor sml
Professor Neil Johnson
Fertility Specialist, Gynaecologist and Director of Research
Neil is certified as a RANZCOG Subspecialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI), has a wealth of experience as a former Medical Director of Fertility Plus, and now holds an honorary position as Professor of Reproductive Health.  Neil has a strong special interest in endometriosis, currently he is president elect of the World Endometriosis Society.  Having undertaken a great deal of clinical research in fertility, including the development of lipiodol as an innovative fertility treatment, Neil is committed to evidence based fertility care on an individualised basis.

Neil qualified in medicine in the UK and completed specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the UK and New Zealand, followed by subspecialisation in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility though the Australasian College RANZCOG.  He has served on the board of Endometriosis New Zealand and the World Endometriosis Society.

As a committed Dad to three teenagers in a wonderfully busy family of five, I understand the strong drive to reproduce in almost all of us and the pain that infertility causes.  Whilst evidence based treatments are a passion of mine, I also believe strongly that care must be individualised for my patients undergoing fertility treatment.

Karen sm-577-610
Dr Karen Buckingham
Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist 
Dr Karen Buckingham has a wealth of experience in the field of reproductive medicine and strives to deliver the highest level of personalised care.  She is a graduate of the Auckland School of Medicine and undertook training as an obstetrician and gynaecologist in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  She has been involved in the treatment of subfertility in both the public and private sectors since 2000. 

Karen currently practices fertility medicine at Repromed and has a private gynaecology practice with the Auckland Gynaecology Group.  She consults at North Shore and New Lynn as well as at our Remuera clinic and offers our popular evening clinics. 

Since 2010, Karen has also been a member of the Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART); a government appointed body of experts that helps formulate policy in areas of infertility and assisted reproduction.

I love working in the ever changing field of reproductive medicine and see it as a privilege to be able to share in the fertility journey of my patients.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and three children and our menagerie of rescued cats. We are a foster family for the SPCA so frequently have a garage full of kittens and sick cats!  I’m also involved with Girl Guiding NZ, currently leading Brownie and Ranger units in our local area.

Marian Carter Doctor sml-693
Dr Marian Carter
Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist
Dr Marian Carter has worked in fertility clinics in the UK and New Zealand since 1987 and has witnessed the amazing developments in this field of medicine. This has given her a great depth of knowledge in the care of patients with fertility issues.

Marian is a graduate of the Auckland School of Medicine. After training as an obstetrician and gynaecologist at National Women’s Hospital, she worked for 5 years in the United Kingdom.  As well as practicing fertility medicine at Repromed, she works for the Auckland District Health Board as a gynaecologist and has a private gynaecology practice with the Auckland Gynaecology Group.

Outside work, I am a keen cyclist and skier. My passion is travelling, especially to the mountains in the winter.

Shelley Reilly Doctor - sml-98
Dr Shelley Reilly
Fertility Specialist
Shelley’s experience in fertility has taught her that listening, understanding and realizing everybody is different are very important to achieving a positive result. She is goal and outcome orientated and likes to support her patients throughout the fertility process.

Shelley graduated with her medical degree from the University of Otago in 1994. She has worked in a range of medical areas, in a number of hospitals throughout New Zealand.  In 2008 she started working for Fertility Plus and has stayed largely in this area ever since.

She has experience in treating women with endometriosis and she has been involved in research in this area. She also presented at the World Endometriosis Congress in France in 2011.
I enjoy travelling and spending time with family and friends.  I’ve worked across all areas of fertility care and am passionate about helping couples to conceive.

Emily SM
Dr Emily Liu
Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Emily is a New Zealand trained fertility specialist. She is a graduate from University of Otago, and trained as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Auckland. She completed Master study in Reproductive Medicine and has completed subspecialist training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI). 
Emily has involved in a number of clinical trials in fertility with University of Auckland, and has a strong interest in evidence based medicine.  Her other special interests are unexplained infertility and reproductive endocrinology.  Originally from Taiwan, Emily came to New Zealand in 1995 and speaks fluent Mandarin.
I am passionate about providing individualised fertility treatment and supporting couples through their fertility journey with professional advice.  Outside work, I enjoy travelling, cooking and spending time with my family and my dog.

Devashana Sml
Dr Unmandani “Devashana” Gupta
Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist 

Devashana is a fertility specialist and private gynaecologist at Repromed and Auckland Gynaecology Group. Known for her caring and considerate approach with patients, she has special interests in PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent pregnancy loss and fertility preservation.

Devashana graduated from the Fiji School of Medicine and obtained her training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in New Zealand. She holds a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and is a RANZCOG sub-specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI). She has 2 years' experience at Monash IVF in Melbourne and brings with her specialised knowledge of subfertility. Devashana has been involved in a number of fertility trials and has published in the Cochrane library of evidence based medicine. She also has a deep understanding of the needs of Indian families and speaks Hindi.

I’m passionate about personalised and holistic medical care for clients. I love discovering new places and the wealth of culture that new countries offer. When off-duty, I enjoy tramping, reading and spending time at home.



Debbie sm
Dr Debbie Blake
Scientific Director and Quality Manager
BSc Zoo, MHSc – Hons, PhD (Reproductive Science)

Debbie’s role as Scientific Director involves introducing, managing and reviewing the scientific technology within Repromed Auckland.  As Quality Manager she is responsible for ensuring Repromed’s Quality Management System delivers a service and level of care that meets and exceeds clients expectations. 
Debbie gained her PhD in embryology and has worked extensively in the field of ART as a manager, consultant and researcher both nationally and internationally. 

Debbie decided immediately upon Embryology as a career the moment she first viewed a goat embryo down the microscope at a university farm. She began training as an embryologist in 1987 at Zealand’s first IVF clinic at National Women’s, later becoming Laboratory Manager at a time when the clinic began offering private treatment and transitioned into Fertility PLUS.  After 13 years at Fertility Plus she took up a position in one of Europe’s top performing clinics in Sweden during a particularly dynamic period in IVF with the introduction of several key technological advances such as ICSI, donor egg, blastocyst culture.  Upon returning home, Debbie completed a PhD with a commercial biotech company and pursued 10 years of research into novel interventions for enhancing embryo implantation. Debbie joined the Repromed team in 2015, bringing her passion for reproductive science and deep commitment to improving both the experience and outcomes for all its clients.  

I love working in Repromed's progressive and stimulating environment, especially with the dedicated and caring multidisciplinary team.

Kate Lamprecht sml
Doctor Kate Lamprecht
Laboratory Coordinator
PhD in Reproductive Technologies and Embryo Implantation 

Kate’s pursuit of excellence, efficiency, and improvement of laboratory practice, ensures the high quality service our patients have come to know.  Kate is also passionate about personalized and empathetic patient care, with an emphasis on communicating science to patients in a way that helps them better understand their fertility journey.

Kate completed her PhD in embryology and reproductive technologies at Auckland’s AUT University in 2012, with a special interest in implantation. In 2014, Kate combined her passion for helping people, gained through 10 years’ experience in community youth work, with her passion for embryology, and entered the world of Clinical ART.   
I get my inspiration and drive from my love of people, science and the remote outdoors.  I feel fortunate that I have found a career that allows me to experience all my passions and support people through their life journey.  

Tanya sm2
Tanya Sabhnani
Laboratory Operations Officer & PGD Coordinator
MSc (majoring in Preimplantation Diagnosis) 
Tanya is a motivated and enthusiastic embryologist with significant experience in UK and India. Her strong academic record and diverse technical abilities are complemented by her analytical skills. Tanya has a warm empathetic manner and a passion for providing a high quality fertility service.

She completed her Masters in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine from University College in London and continued to gain experience working there.   

I am a fitness and wellness enthusiast. I am always on a look out for new travel and culinary experiences. I am passionate about my work, my main area focus being advanced micromanipulation techniques. I continuously strive to maintain high standards of care and a strong believer of continual improvement process.

Lana Hawkey
Senior Embryologist 
BBmedSc (Human Genetics and Molecular Pathology), MScMed (Reproductive Health Science and Human Genetics) 
Lana has been working in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry since August 2009. More recently she spent 6 years working at a large clinic in Sydney and gained an extensive range of skills, both technical and personal. Her area of speciality is in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS).

Passionate about taking the time to explain scientific terminology in easy to understand language, she likes to combine an empathic and professional approach with knowledge, expertise and experience. Responsible for the day to day procedures in the embryology lab, she helps guide and support patients through their fertility journey.

I have just returned to New Zealand after living overseas for 11 years and am enjoying re-discovering all the beautiful destinations and food our country has to offer. I am always looking for a new adventure and love to travel and explore the world.



Helen sm
Helen Nicholson
Social Worker Counsellor
BSW (Massey University), MANZICA, MANZASW, Registered Social Worker

Helen provides a counselling support, education and information service to Repromed clients.
She thoroughly enjoys the changing face of work in the fertility area, which includes keeping pace with the legal framework for ART service provision in NZ, cross border reproductive care, and the ethical, psychological and sociological implications of these as well as the technology and ethical issues which determine treatment.  Helen has a particular interest in the management of stress and in lifestyle factors for pre-conception and pregnancy health.

After graduating from Massey University in 1998 Helen has worked in Reproductive Health. For the last 13 years her work has been in the provision of social work and counselling services for people who are using fertility services to create and build their families.

When I am not at work I practice and teach yoga, am happy to while away hours reading, hanging out with the family dog, spending times with friends and focusing on balancing a working life with a personal life.  I think most people are interested and focused on creating balance in their lives and through their fertility journey, and I feel immensely lucky to be able to discuss and support clients to do this in my work.

Lani sm
Lani Eagle
BSW (Massey University)

In her role as Counsellor at Repromed, Lani provides support, information, and education to clients at all stages of the treatment process.

After graduating from Massey University with a Bachelor of Social Work, Lani has worked in a variety of social work settings both in New Zealand and the UK. Prior to joining Repromed Lani was working in the area of adoption and fostering (including local and international surrogacy).

Outside work I am an avid reader and sometimes crafter. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I consider being part of people’s journey to be a privilege and I am constantly humbled by the resilience I see in my role.



Megan sm cropped-523
Megan Black
Nurse Team Leader

Megan leads the nursing team through the continually changing face of IVF. She works in a multidisciplinary team, providing the essential organization between the doctors and laboratory and ensuring communication between all departments.  

Megan started her IVF nursing career in the United Kingdom, working in two large London clinic’s before returning to New Zealand. She is also the Secretary of Fertility Nurses of Australasia.

I love working with people and see nursing as a vocation, not a job.  I usually spend my downtime absorbed in a good book and planning my next travel adventure.  

Mieke sml
Mieke Grooten
Fertility Nurse & Donation Coordinator
BHsc (Nursing)

Mieke works as an IVF clinic nurse, dispensing, administering and teaching how to give injections. She also works on the donation programme at Repromed, helping patients achieve their dream of parenthood through donated gametes.
Mieke recently moved back home to NZ from the UK, having worked in fertility nursing for three years before joining Repromed in January 2016. She brings with her a great deal of experience and knowledge after working in a busy IVF clinic in London.

I’ve travelled the world and have had the trip of a lifetime.  I now love being back in the place I’ve always called home and working in a specialty that I’m so passionate about.

Dawn web copy
Dawn Elliott
Fertility Nurse
R.Comp N, BHScN

Dawn has been nursing for many years across a variety of fields including medical, surgical and occupational health. Qualified as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse and with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing, Dawn has spent much of the last decade working in fertility.

I feel very privileged to help people going through their fertility journey and love being part of a team of dedicated and caring professionals. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids and the family pets. I also belong to a book club and sing in a choir.
Cheryl sml-382
Cheryl Young
Healthcare Assistant

Cheryl joined Repromed in June 2017 as Healthcare Assistant. Her varied role offering assistance, support and care to doctors, nurses and clients helps to ensure the smooth running of the clinic.

She brings with her vast experience and knowledge having worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years.

I love working with and helping people. I am originally from the UK and came to live in New Zealand in December 2016. When I’m not at work I love spending quality time with my husband and two children, exploring new places and spending time at the beach.


Vanessa web copy
Vanessa Holmes
Public Funding Coordinator

Vanessa oversees the public funding government contract and is responsible for looking after clients who are going through publicly funded treatment with Repromed. This involves answering any questions, outlining the process and aiming to make their journey as stress-free as possible.

Vanessa has over 15 years of IT and administration experience in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom.

It is such a privilege to be involved in our client’s fertility journeys and seeing the positive outcomes that are achieved. When I am not at work, I love getting out and travelling with my husband and spending time with our friends and family.