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Counselling & Support

Fertility uncertainty and treatment is usually very challenging emotionally as well as  physically.  There are many different losses to deal with when you experience infertility (many of them not obvious to others), and it can be  difficult at times for many people to find the understanding and support they need as individuals and couples.  Caring for your emotional as well as your physical well being is really important.  Talking things through with a counsellor doesn’t mean you aren’t coping – it’s an important part of your self care and treatment.  When you talk to one of our counsellors you know the conversation is confidential, you will have someone really listening to you without giving ‘advice’, and you can be completely honest about how you are feeling knowing that the counsellor understands the issues and treatments.

Most people experience a whole range of emotions including anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, and fear.  The feelings can be quite intense and may lead to a sense of lack of control in your life and even isolation. There can be a strain felt in relationships with partners, friends, family, and colleagues.

The confidential counselling and support services are available to everyone at Repromed while you are trying to create and complete your family.  These include:
  •  Preparing for treatments, exploring options, implications, and coping strategies.
  • Support to cope with pregnancy loss and unsuccessful treatment.
  • Implications counselling for donor arrangements.  An essential process for all parties involved which includes a discussion on the legal framework for donations in New Zealand.
  • Undertaking applications to The Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART) for ethics approval for clinic assisted treatments such as surrogacy and embryo donation.
  • Support during difficult times when dealing with the emotional impact. 
You are very welcome to book a counselling appointment by calling our Repromed reception or by asking any one of our team to assist you to arrange this. We can see individuals or couples, and to make access to our service as easy as possible we offer some evening and weekend appointments as well as phone consults.  We also have appointments available during our satellite clinics in Whangarei, Tauranga, Hamilton, and North Shore.