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Physiological Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICSI) is a additional sperm selection tool in the treatment of ICSI. PICSI therefore involves injecting a sperm into a mature egg.
Hyaluronan is a naturally occurring protein that is found on the membrane surrounding the egg. PICSI refers to the use of a dish containing hyaluronan drops. Sperm are added to hyaluronan drops where mature and competent sperm will bind to the hyaluronan. Research shows that sperm that bind to hyaluronan have a lower probability of chromosomal abnormalities and higher DNA integrity. Sperm that express a positive reaction are selected for injection.

PICSI is suggested when there is:
  • low fertilisation rate after ICSI
  • compromised embryo development in previous cycles
  • history of miscarriage
  • high sperm DNA fragmentation