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Helen Nicholson - Looking after yourself in the Christmas season
2017 is winding down, and we’re ushering in the Christmas season, a time focused on children, families and birth, followed by the New Year, when people review the year gone by and set goals for the future. This season certainly comes with challenges if you are trying to get pregnant and navigate your way through fertility waiting lists and treatment options. It’s important to stay grounded at this time of year, so here are a few thoughts and ideas from Repromed Counsellor Helen Nicholson to consider over the next few months.
Click here to read the full article.
Mieke’s story – fertility nurse and donation coordinator
“I feel so lucky to be able to be involved in creating a family’s life journey. I just love it, it’s truly amazing and deeply satisfying. Working on the donor sperm programme is particularly rewarding, it gives same sex couples and single women the opportunity to conceive, people who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a baby of their own. The relationships I build with the donors and the recipient is really special and so rewarding for me as I get to support them through the journey they are on. Every day I get a buzz from the amazing thought - this client is now pregnant and that is the direct result of what we have done for them.”
Read Mieke’s story here about her role as Donor Coordinator and Fertility Nurse at Repromed.
New genetic screening study results
This week a new study was presented at an international medical conference in Texas and presented findings from multiple clinics that further strengthened the benefits about Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) with Next Generational Sequencing (NGS). Read more about it here.

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Fertility Week
A key date for the diary is Fertility Week 1st – 7th November and Repromed are proud to be taking part in the event. It is a national event organised by Fertility NZ to provide information and offer support to kiwis that are planning for a family, currently trying to conceive, or looking at alternative ways to build their family. Click here for more details.

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EmbryoSelect client story
“We didn't let go of our dream to have kids so tried again but sadly we lost our 4th and 5th babies in their first trimester. At that point, I had had enough. I didn't want to go through anymore heartache and we didn't understand why we couldn't have a baby. We were at a loss. We decided to try IVF as we just wanted to have some reassurance. We went to Repromed and were offered EmbryoSelect testing (Pre-Genetic Implantation Screening with Next Generation Sequencing technology), which adds an extra process of screening the embryo for chromosomal defects during the IVF cycle to ensure there are no abnormalities.”
Read the full story about this Repromed client who was the first in NZ to try PGS with NGS genetic screening locally in Auckland here.
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Client journey story - Egg Freezing
At age 33, the serious relationship I was in ended and I found myself single, starting again to search for “Mr Right”. At the time I didn't feel that worried, I thought I had plenty of time. But having kids has always been really important to me so I was curious about my fertility. Read more here.
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Repromed is turning 10!
That’s 10 amazing years dedicated to helping our clients with their dream of taking home a healthy baby. To celebrate this milestone we’re having a birthday party and we would love our friends, clients and families to join us. There will be refreshments and children’s entertainment provided.
11-2pm, Saturday 30th September 2017
St Marks Parish Centre
95 Remuera Road, Auckland
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 Scientific Director, Dr Debbie Blake
The tricky thing about planning a career in technology or science, is it may not even exist when you are at school. For me this was true of IVF.

My A-HA moment in life came when I was on a farm visit where some goat embryo transfers were being carried out. Looking down the microscope at the dish of embryos, I was absolutely captivated by their beauty and potential to create life. 
 Read more.
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 Going through IVF
My husband and I tried to start our family pretty soon after we were married. We never thought there would be any problems with getting pregnant. We just assumed starting out that everything would be fine.
 Read more.
 A male insight into IVF
I was a professional rugby player throughout my 20’s and 30’s so had put off settling down and starting a family. I was 38 when my wife and I married so we knew we are starting a little late in the piece and didn't want to muck around. Read more.
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5 tips for preparing emotionally for IVF
Repromed Counsellor, Helen Nicholson, has spent over 10 years counselling clients going through fertility treatment. She offers her top 5 tips for preparing emotionally for IVF. Read More. 
A Donor's Insight
I had always thought about being an egg donor. It probably sounds a bit funny but even as a teenager, and well before I was a Mum, I liked the idea of being a donor to help someone have a baby. I have a really close friend who had been going through IVF for some time and they were having trouble. She was really open with me about what she was going through, and from the beginning I made it clear to her and her husband that if they needed an egg or surrogate at any point, I would love to help. Read More.  
10 minutes with Guy Gudex – Medical Director of Repromed
In the 25 years that I have been involved in IVF in New Zealand, we have seen a doubling in the chances of becoming pregnant. That’s huge. Innovations in embryo care and selection techniques enables us to replace an embryo with one that has a higher chance of success. This reduces the emotional and physical toll for our clients. In fact, better embryo selection has led to a huge reduction in multiple pregnancy rates. Read More.  
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My learnings about IVF
It’s hard to believe looking back at how much I’ve learnt. Five years ago I was wide eyed, and I guess a little surprised, to learn about the process we would need to go through to have children.  Like most people, I had always thought that when we wanted to start our family, we would just, start our family. Naturally. Read More.  
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Stacking the odds in your favor
If you’re planning on getting pregnant this year, this is a good time to stop and take check of where things are at with your body and your health. It’s also helpful to be aware of how much your lifestyle influences or affects your fertility chances.  Read more.
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Our Journey To Our Son
My wife and I have been together for 8 1/2 years and have wanted to have a baby for a very long time. In fact, I know I have wanted to be a mother since I was 3 years old. Being a same sex couple we had been looking for a donor ourselves, but it was a bit more complicated than your regular donor request. Read more.
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Tracey and Ian's story 

"I always had a feeling something wasn’t quite right, it was just this strange feeling that I would have problems, a sixth sense I guess.  There was no real reason for it.
We had been trying to conceive for over 6 months without success and decided to get some tests done. We were getting older, I was 36 at the time, and rather than waste another 6 months I rang my Doctor and made an appointment.  The tests weren't good.  It basically looked like I had no eggs left and I was going into early menopause. What a bombshell."  Read More
Is there a link between mobile phone use and sperm health?

Perhaps no piece of technology in the world today has become more popular and readily available than the smartphone. According to Research NZ, in 2015, some 70 per cent of New Zealanders owned or had access to a mobile phone, which is up from the 48 per cent recorded in 2013. In fact, the jump in mobile phone ownership has risen by 46 per cent in just three years, easily making it New Zealand's most favourite device, more so than laptops and tablets. Read More
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5 Questions About IVF Answered

The first step in the IVF procedure is stimulating the ovaries using hormones to obtain the greatest possible number of eggs for potential fertilisation. This step, called stimulation or super ovulation, involves the injection of fertility hormones for up to 12 days while the follicles that produce the eggs are monitored by ultrasound scan and blood tests. Read More
zika virus
What should you know about fertility and the Zika virus?

The recent spread of the Zika virus has been hard to miss due to its significant presence on major news outlets and the general concerns it has been causing across Latin America. However, partly as a result of the attention the virus has received in the news, it can be difficult to understand what exactly we know about it and how it can affect us. Read More
egg freezing
What can I expect from the egg freezing process?

It's a fact that women in New Zealand are starting to have children later in their lives than in previous years. What hasn't changed however, is the fact that women's fertility declines as they age.  While social reasons aren't the only possible cause for pursuing egg freezing, they are becoming more common motivators as women increasingly find themselves ready to have a family later in life. Read More
How does EmbryoGlue work?

Thanks to recent advances in medical science, couples undergoing IVF now have a number of additional options available to increase their chances of a successful outcome. One of these options involves the use of EmbryoGlue, which is a special solution used to transfer embryos during the final stage of IVF treatment. Read More
What do you need to know about Preimplantation Genetic Screening?

In simple terms, PGS is all about examining chromosomal copy number of all 24 chromosomes before they are transferred to the uterus by checking defects such as missing or extra chromosomes. For example, an extra copy of chromosome 21 can result in pregnancy affected with Downs Syndrome. Even embryos that appear flawless aren't necessarily so, making PGS an important tool in taking a more informed choice as to which one to use.  Read More
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Maximising the chance of conception – lifestyle factors within your control. 

When you're trying to conceive, be it through IVF or naturally, it goes without saying that you'll want to give yourself the very best chance of success. The chances of success in each treatment cycle, is very much dependent on the patient’s own set of personal characteristics such as cause of subfertility, reproductive history, lifestyle factors and most of all the woman’s age.  However there is still a great deal that you can change regarding your lifestyle to better improve your chances.  Read More