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Public Funding

Repromed is proud to offer publicly funded fertility services. The awarded government contract enables us to provide high-quality, evidence-based, personalised care to our publicly funded clients. For those hoping for public funding of fertility treatment, here is a quick overview of the process. 

To start with, a GP needs to assess each patient’s eligibility (or a Repromed specialist can do this if a private consultation is booked). Some of the criteria that must be met: 
  • Has been unsuccessful with pregnancy after 12 months of intercourse
  • A non-smoker for three months minimum 
  • The woman must be under the age of 40 and BMI must be under 32 on the date of referral
  • Patients cannot have two or more children
  • Both parties need to be NZ citizens or NZ residents or have a valid work visa for over 2 years

If the criteria is met, the doctor will refer the patient to the Northern Region Fertility Service. They will then be randomly allocated to a fertility provider who will send a letter in confirmation, with their first appointment date. Patients are not able to request a specific fertility clinic and the waiting list varies by clinic. The good news is that all NZ fertility clinics operate to the highest quality standards, and results are similar. 

For more information on how your GP can refer you to the Northern Region Fertility Service please click here.