Become a sperm donor

Considering donating sperm is an incredible gift you can give! 

You could help make a wonderful contribution that is truly life changing for another person or couple.

It’s not a decision that can be taken lightly, and there are important things you need to know, and criteria you need to meet.

Sperm donor

The three most important things to know

  1. You have no parental or financial responsibilities for any resulting donor conceived individuals.
  2. Your donation is initially matched with an intended parent anonymously, but any resulting donor conceived individual is entitled to request your identity when they turn 18 years old. 
  3. Your donation is altruistic, meaning you receive no formal payment.

Find out if you could meet the initial criteria to become a sperm donor.

Repromed Auckland Donor Team
Our Donor team: Devashana, Bernadette, Jane and Gen

A clinic donor is someone who donates their eggs or sperm to a recipient, where both parties are not known to each other. This is facilitated by the fertility clinic where the donor is allocated a unique donor code, undergoes extensive counselling and health screening, gamete collection and is subsequently chosen by the recipients after viewing a selection of non-identifying information from the donor.

A known donor is someone who donates their eggs or sperm to a recipient, where both parties are known to each other. This could either be where there has been an existing relationship e.g. a friend/family member or where the recipient has recruited the donor though advertising or an exchange of personal information on social media. information from the donor.

Megan Black

Nurse Manager


Megan leads the nursing team through the continually changing face of IVF. She works in a multidisciplinary team, providing the essential organization between the doctors and laboratory and ensuring communication between all departments.

Megan started her IVF nursing career in the United Kingdom, working in two large London clinic’s before returning to New Zealand. She is also the Secretary of Fertility Nurses of Australasia.

I love working with people and see nursing as a vocation, not a job. I usually spend my downtime absorbed in a good book and planning my next travel adventure.