Male infertility accounts for around 50% of the infertility cases we see. But with sophisticated Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection technology (ICSI), we can often find sperm to use even if it appears there is no hope.

ICSI involves the insertion of a single selected sperm directly into the cytoplasm of a mature egg. This procedure can overcome many barriers to fertilisation which can include failed fertilisation from previous use of standard IVF and severe male factor infertility, such as very low sperm counts and/or motility, high number of morphologically abnormal sperm, utilisation of surgically retrieved sperm.

ICSI is a well established micro-injection technique which has resulted in additional options for the treatment of male infertility.

If you’re wondering about male fertility, we recommend getting a sperm test – there are at home sperm testing kits or, your GP or Repromed can arrange a test.


Watch the fascinating process where sperm meets egg in this video showing Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection technology (ICSI):

Please note that all semi-surgical procedures such as egg collections are carried out in affiliation with Repromed’s DAA accredited surgical unit ACSS (Auckland City Surgical Services) within the same building and using Repromed doctors.