COVID-19 vaccine update

Kia ora,

We know there is keen interest in the COVID-19 vaccine and the safety of being immunised when undergoing fertility treatment.

We follow the advice of RANZCOG (Royal Australian & NZ College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), read their full update HERE.

Here is a summary:

  • There is no evidence that those who become pregnant after receiving the vaccine are at increased risk of miscarriage, embryo abnormality or maternal illness. Trying for pregnancy need not be delayed following receiving the vaccine.
  • If already pregnant, the decision to receive the vaccination is with the pregnant woman, following consultation with her midwife and / or doctor. It’s unlikely the vaccine poses any risk to the fetus, but there is insufficient safety data available yet to recommend routine use of the vaccine in pregnancy.

For those already having fertility treatment or about to start, there is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine effects fertility, so fertility treatment can continue during immunisation. However, it will be a personal decision and we encourage you to discuss this with your Repromed fertility doctor.

We are here to support you.Β  If you have any queries about the COVID-19 vaccine and your treatment, please email or call 0800 483 105 and talk to your nursing team.


Nga mihi,

Dr Devashana Gupta

Deputy Medical Director