Male Fertility Treatments

Tips for conceiving for men

Did you know that it takes around three months for sperm to mature in the testes before they’re ready to successfully fertilise an egg. That’s why pre-game day conditioning can make all the difference to your sperm’s quality, for the best shot at egg fertilisation.  During this time, your health can affect your sperm’s quality, for better or for worse.

Take care of your assets

Give your sperm the best possible chance to do the job they’re here to do: successful fertilization.

  • Keep your testicles cool to help create and maintain healthy sperm – use boxer shorts instead of briefs, avoid sitting down for long periods of time, avoid long hot baths or spas
  • Do not keep your mobile phone in your trouser pocket
  • Consider your exposure to toxic chemicals at work
  • Be careful with gym supplements as they may contain harmful substances, e.g. testosterone (in high levels) and steroids (any) will severely compromise sperm quality

Top tips for conceiving

It is recommended you pay particular attention to a few areas of your health and lifestyle. There are several changes that both females and males can make that are proven to influence or enhance your chances of getting pregnant.

  • Focus on a healthy and balanced diet – increase your intake of sperm-boosting antioxidants: include berries, green leafy vegetables and carrots, including good fats from avocados, nuts, olive oil and salmon,
  • Check your weight – your chances of having a baby are optimised when you are within your normal weight range for your height.  Click HERE for a handy link to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Slow down and de-stress – Stress affects the hormone levels that are required for conception.
  • Reduce caffeine – it can reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron a key mineral for healthy conception. It is recommended to stick to one caffeinated drink per day.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake – studies have shown the effects of alcohol are significant, damaging sperm.
  • Quit smoking – smoking harms sperm, causes havoc on your hormones and damages DNA. Your chances of conception will increase by 40% once you’ve kicked the habit.
  • Exercise for 20 minutes moderately every day.
  • Plan the number of children you want – you may need to consider starting your family sooner rather than later, to ensure you are not cut short by the effects of age on fertility.

The first step: sperm test

If you have had trouble conceiving, the first step is to test sperm health (the female partner, if applicable, would have an ‘AMH test’ which checks egg reserve levels). A sperm test can be done at home with a convenient test (like SwimCount), by a local Labtest referred to by your GP, or Repromed can do a detailed analysis in their lab. We understand you may feel awkward through this process, but be assured there is little that embarrasses the Repromed team!

Repromed NZ offer private and public funded IVF treatment and may be able to help you with your fertility journey.  All are welcome, we stand for ethnic and gender equality and are proud to be the first healthcare organization in NZ awarded with Rainbow Tick certification. You can make a free 15 minute phone consultation with a fertility doctor – call 0800 483 105 or email to book.  Click here to make the first step.