Fertility Problems - Surviving Christmas

Getting through Christmas

Christmas can be difficult to navigate for those trying to get pregnant.  Being around friends and family with children and having to answer questions from those less perceptive, can cause a whole range of feelings. Repromed counsellor Lani Eagle has some tips for dealing with the festive season.

Be kind to yourself. If you’re feeling sad, angry, or jealous, accept that these are normal feelings or responses to your situation. Recognise the emotions as they arise, take some breaths for yourself, and allow the feelings to pass.

Manage your time. If you are to cope well with extra demands at Christmas, ensure you take time out to relax. This also helps you retain a sense of control amid uncertainty. Consider missing gatherings that may prove draining, for instance where there are babies, or being with those people who may ask when you are having a baby. Tell close friends or family if you are feeling sad or in need of a   hug and a sympathetic ear.

Make plans. Your main goal may be to get pregnant, but don’t forget to plan some fun to look forward to as well. Focus on the things you enjoy in life, and explore new ones.

Help others. Take the pressure off and focus on supporting someone else. You’ll make a difference in their lives, and you’ll be keeping busy and feel empowered. Embrace the Christmas spirit – visit an elderly neighbour or relative or volunteer for a charity.

Make the most of being childfree. You never know when you might have a baby and although it’s what you want most, a baby does take up a lot of time.  So head to the beach with a book, binge-watch TV, hang out with friends who don’t have kids. Or spend time with friends who are also struggling to conceive – your shared experience will help you feel normal and understood.

We are with you through this testing time in your life, and all the Repromed team are here to support you.  All IVF / IUI treatments include at least one free session with an experienced fertility counsellor. Kia kaha.