Helen Nicholson - Social Worker Counsellor

Making a game plan for Father’s Day – tips to support your partner

By Helen Nicholson, Repromed Counsellor

Get prepared

Father’s Day can be a painful reminder of your journey through fertility uncertainty so make some time to talk together with your partner about how you both want to manage the day.

The options are many, Father’s Day can be:

1. All About him

Ask your partner how he would like to spend the day, so he knows you are thinking about his feelings and planning to support him. Many men feel their role through fertility uncertainty and treatment is to support you. Father’s Day can be a chance for you to demonstrate your support for him and his needs.

2. A time to build your own family tradition for how to spend this day.

Building traditions together is an enjoyable part of family life. Whether Father’s Day means spending time with extended family or something completely different; discuss together what you want it to mean in your relationship and how you want to acknowledge it.

3. A day to focus on the positives of your relationship.

Fertility uncertainty and treatments demand a lot a from people and sometimes we are not the best versions of ourselves with each other through the process. Father’s Day can be a time when you and partner reflect on what is positive in the relationship you have with each other. It can provide a opportunity to reconnect as a couple and have some fun together.

However you decide you want to spend the day, talking and planning for it creates an opportunity for your partner to talk about his feelings and his experience of fertility uncertainty. The day itself can be about whatever you like.

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