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Guy Gudex

Dr Guy Gudex talks IVF and optimising your chances of success on NZ Herald’s new parenting podcast

In the first episode of the Herald’s new parenting podcast One Day You’ll Thank Me, Jenni Mortimer and Rebecca Blithe speak with radio host Laura McGoldrick about her brave fertility journey and Repromed founder and fertility doctor Dr Guy Gudex about IVF, infertility stigma and how you can help your chances of conceiving.

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Preparing emotionally for IVF in a COVID-19 world

Helen Nicholson, Repromed Counsellor

Anyone who is dealing with a medical issue right now will be feeling under pressure with the risk of a positive Covid-19 test cancelling the procedure at the last minute. For those going through fertility treatment like IVF, the risk is very real while Covid-19 cases are in the community, plus there is a significant investment of time and money.

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Trying to conceive in your 30’s

Our very own Medical Director, Dr Devashana Gupta, was featured in Verve magazine (March 2022), sharing information for those in their 30’s who may be wanting to start a family, with some tips about where to start. Read the article below.

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COVID-19 testing Q&A

With the current high number of COVID-19 cases in the community, Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT test) is a requirement for selected treatments, to ensure a negative result before coming into the clinic.  We know there are many questions and we hope this Q&A helps give clarity.  If there are any questions you feel are unanswered, please email so we can provide details.

Update effective Monday 4th April:

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Friendship through fertility – Hannah and Natalie’s story

Experiencing fertility issues can be an incredibly isolating experience, often described as a burden hidden deeply away.

During Hannah’s five year infertility journey, she shut down emotionally from those around her, as the difficulty of the experience was too raw and vulnerable to share.  Over time she developed a beautiful friendship with Natalie, slowly opening up to her friend, which gave her much-needed strength to get through.

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COVID-19 vaccine update – November 2021

Kia ora,

Those clients who are going through fertility treatment, or about to start treatment, may be wondering about the safety of being immunised against COVID-19.  We know that this will be of particular interest to those working in sectors which have made vaccinations mandatory, and if fertility treatment fits the criteria for medical exemption.

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Joy & Neil’s story of perseverance

Joy & Neil’s story of perseverance

Neil and I both have a wonderful blended family, between us we have three amazing teenagers from previous marriages, and when our family was on an even keel, we decided we wanted to add another child to our family.

When we married, we weren’t sure that natural conception would be possible as I had been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve age 29. We decided to try for a pregnancy when I was 36; a decision which took us on an intense 5 year journey suffering the tragedy of pregnancy losses, life threatening complications and unsuccessful fertility treatment, before we eventually met our darling boy, Noah.

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A story of hope – pregnancy with help from donors

When I look back on our long, hard fertility journey it seems miraculous that I have a baby in my arms today.

My husband and I decided that we would start “trying” ten years ago and although we took it lightly at this point, it was still super disappointing getting my periods every month, knowing for sure I wasn’t pregnant.

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HIV-positive fertility options

We’re excited to be leading NZ again…  Back in 2016, Repromed were proud to be NZ’s first healthcare organisation to be awarded the Rainbow Tick for our inclusive fertility care.  This year we have been working closely with New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF), Body Positive and Positive Women Inc. on an exciting initiative for people living with HIV who are wanting to have a baby or donate sperm to help others.

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Dr. Karen Buckingham, a gynaecologist and fertility specialist at Repromed

Choosing egg freezing – investing in your future family plans?

By Karen Buckingham, Repromed Fertility Doctor

Should I freeze my eggs or not?  Today, women are becoming increasingly aware that this could be a reassuring option for them but egg freezing is a decision that requires careful consideration and realistic expectations.  We thought it would be useful to give a detailed overview of the pros and cons and some insight into the likelihood of achieving a future successful pregnancy.

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