What happens at my first consultation with a fertility doctor?

A consultation with one of our fertility doctors is an excellent way to get started on your fertility journey. We speak with Fertility Doctor and Gynaecologist Dr Karen Buckingham about what you can expect at this initial consultation with us.


What will we talk about at this consultation?

We are passionate about providing you with the best possible treatment options and care, tailored to your personal situation. At this appointment we will get to know more about you and/or your partner (if applicable). We’ll talk about your fertility journey to date, asking about your hopes and plans for your family. We’ll enquire about any family history, any previous pregnancies, medical conditions or medications you may be taking, as well as discuss what investigations or treatments you may have had to date. 

We may need to ask you to have further investigations to look into your situation further.  

Everyone’s needs are different and we’ll be looking to provide you with a personalised fertility plan. For some people, they are not getting pregnant and would like to know why and what the options are available to them. Others want to find out about donor or surrogacy arrangements. And some people are looking for advice for the future rather than starting any treatment cycles right now. 

At this appointment we also check your eligibility for publicly-funded treatment so you have all the information you need to progress with treatment. 

We have fertility doctors who speak Mandarin and Hindi so you can request to book in with them for a consultation in your native language, if applicable. 


How is it different from the free 15 minute phone consultation?

For new clients we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our fertility doctors. This phone consultation is a great way to ask any questions you might have about your fertility. If you’re unclear on what to do or what the next steps are, we’ll point you in the right direction. 

Depending on your personal situation, the next step could be to have an initial (and longer) fertility consultation or it could be to do some initial investigations, either through your GP or with us. We’ll also be able to let you know what the criteria are if you wish to have a free publicly funded fertility consult.


What do I/we need to prepare, or bring to the consultation?

Here is some information that is useful to bring with you if you have it: 

  • Any previous fertility results for you and your partner (if applicable).
  • Any notes if you have been to another fertility clinic. 

But if you don’t have these results or notes on hand, that’s absolutely fine too. 


Will there be an examination?

We won’t necessarily examine you and/or your partner (if applicable), as we may already know what the issue is from previous results or from your GP, if you have done preliminary investigations through them. Depending on what comes up in the consultation however, we may suggest an examination or ultrasound scan. A support person is welcome to come with you to any examination. 


How long is the appointment?

The consultation with the fertility doctor is 40 minutes and can be in person or via phone or video call. If any further information on treatment is needed, you may be able to speak with one of our nurses straight afterwards. For instance, if Ovulation Induction was a recommended treatment option, the Nurse would take you through the treatment plan and any questions. So we would suggest allowing an hour for this consultation. 


Do I have the same fertility doctor throughout my treatment?

If you decide to have treatment or further tests with us, we will always aim for continuity of your care. That means the fertility doctor you see at your first appointment, will be your doctor throughout your fertility journey where possible. 


How do I book an appointment?

The cost for a first consultation is on our treatment and medication costs, available here. You can be referred through your GP, or can self refer directly to our clinic. 

It is important to us that you feel as comfortable as possible, so please let us know if you need an interpreter or any additional services ahead of your appointment. 

Get in touch with us today to book in. 

Megan Black

Nurse Manager


Megan leads the nursing team through the continually changing face of IVF. She works in a multidisciplinary team, providing the essential organization between the doctors and laboratory and ensuring communication between all departments.

Megan started her IVF nursing career in the United Kingdom, working in two large London clinic’s before returning to New Zealand. She is also the Secretary of Fertility Nurses of Australasia.

I love working with people and see nursing as a vocation, not a job. I usually spend my downtime absorbed in a good book and planning my next travel adventure.