About Repromed – one of New Zealand’s leading fertility clinics

Repromed is one of New Zealand’s leading fertility clinics with a difference – we provide highly personalised care for all. Fertility treatment is a fascinating process but can be daunting for first time clients. Our aim is to take the mystery away and provide simple and clear facts.

We offer world-class technology and our staff are highly qualified and experienced. In fact, our service meets the highest level of independent global and national quality standards.

Every client is unique and we are passionate about finding the best solution that meets your individual needs. Our clients choose us for our professional expertise and success rates, but also the personalised care and discretion we provide.

Why choose Repromed

By choosing your fertility care from the team at Repromed, you can take comfort you’ll have the best possible fertility advice and treatment, with the access to the following:

  • World-class technology and access to the latest reproductive techniques
  • Excellent success results, meeting the highest national and international standards
  • Highly experienced medical team dedicated to your success
  • A supportive, personal and caring approach
  • Tailored fertility care that suits your individual needs
  • Private and public treatment available
  • Ethnic and gender equality
  • Exceptional quality management program
  • Convenient appointment times, including weekend and evenings
  • Direct telephone access to nurses between 10am – 3pm

Please note that all semi-surgical procedures such as egg collections are carried out in affiliation with Repromed’s DAA accredited surgical unit ACSS (Auckland City Surgical Services) within the same building and using Repromed doctors.

Our Values